The Saint Jēkabs road or Santiago road (Camino de Santiago) is one of the main historical pilgrimage routes in Europe. The route is designed to promote and develop the traditions of pilgrimage in Europe as a whole and in each country individually, locally and internationally, highlighting the unique, historical, cultural and intellectual heritage values ​​of each place.

The full length of the  St. Jēkabs road in Latvia is 562 km, and is divided into 24 stages. 

Three route stages run through Valmiera region – 2nd, 3rd and 4th stage.

2nd stage. Turna- Strenči. (~ 34 km). The route starts in the center of Turna near the people’s house. Further along lake Valžezers, it winds its way along winding roads, pastures, houses, villages, rivers. The route includes the Seda bog of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. In wet weather, this section of the road can be muddy and challenging, so proper hiking shoes will come in handy. Along the way you can see big trees and alleys, the architecture of the small town of Strenči and make your way to the Strenči church to get a stamp in your Pilgrim’s passport.

Difficulty level: moderate difficulty if completed in two days; hard if done in one day

!!! From March to April, Seda bog is usually flooded. It is recommended to follow the road from Jērceni to Strenci.

The GPX file download for the route Turna-Strenči HERE.

3rd stage Strenči – Valmiera (~ 29 km). Starting the route from Strenči church and exiting through Strenči, the road will follow beautiful forest trails along the banks of the river Gauja and small villages. During the summer you can refresh yourself and enjoy vitamin berries rich in vitamins or pick mushrooms. The route winds through the village of Brenguļi, where you can buy food in a local shop, as well as take a breath in the Brenguļi brewery during the warmer months of the year, tasting the local beer and enjoying some snacks. Further on, the road leads along the picturesque Abula nature trail, revealing the splendor of the banks of the Abula river. Continuing to move forward, you will reach the hostels – campsites Jaunarāji or Baiļi, but further the road overlaps with the trails of the Mežtakas route, continuing the road to Valmiera St. Sīmanis church.

Difficulty level: moderate difficulty if completed in two days; hard if done in one day

The GPX file download for the route Strenči – Valmiera GPX HERE.

!!! From November 1, 2023, construction works are planned on the Vanšu bypass bridge. During construction (until spring), crossing the bridge will be secured. However, when crossing the bridge during construction works, we ask you to be extra careful! It should be taken into account that there may be obstacles on the way, including heavy vehicles, which may hinder movement! In 2024, the bridge will be closed in certain periods.

4th stage Valmiera – Liepa (~ 21 km). Starting the route from Valmiera St. Sīmanis church, further along the banks of the river Gauja winds a beautiful trail that connects the city route between the four bridges of Valmiera. Further, outside the borders of Valmiera, the route can be continued along slightly wild but picturesque trails of the Gauja National Park, which adjoins the left bank of the river Gauja. The route winds to Liepa village, where you can see the Lode clay quarry, Līču Lanģu cliffs, but going to Lode village, you will reach shops, bus, train stops or selected accommodation (Liepa manor, Liepa Methodist church).

Difficulty level: moderate difficulty

The GPX file download for the route Valmiera – Liepa HERE

Rīgas iela 10, Valmiera
GPS 57.538710, 25.421286
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