The Mini Zoo Mežiņi is a Latvian rural craft and animal farm. Here you can see, hug and feed a wide variety of pets and poultry. Rare Angora rabbits are bred in the Angora house, while the pride of the farm – Latvian sugar chickens – live in the Sugar park. Every guest will be warmly welcomed by the residents of the Rabbit village, while the hens with their chicks walk freely in the yard. Dogs and cats occasionally offer their friendship. In one of the paddocks you will meet the alpacas, but in another you will meet even a more exotic animal.

In the workshop of the Mini Zoo Mežiņi the hostess Inguna will introduce to the process of processing Angora rabbit wool from rabbit shearing to wool spinning. You can both watch and participate.

Animals can only be fed with food purchased on the farm.

You can see and buy a variety of knits from farm wool, rabbit and alpaca wool on site.

It is possible to book a pony ride (maximum child weight: 25 kg).

The visit must be booked in advance.

"Mežiņi", Dikļu pagasts
GPS 57.547415, 25.118941
Working time
Sat.- Sun.: 11:00-17:00
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