Saules Rasa flower water tasting programs take place in a gorgeous garden, which is located less than a kilometer from Lake Burtnieks and is the life work of gardener Zenta Skrastiņa. During her career, the landscape gardener has designed many, many Latvian gardens. However, at the moment, along with the old age of the hostess, the garden itself is also aging, in which the most sustainable of the diverse plants are still preserved. The garden is surrounded by a unique oak grove, adjacent to the historic Burtnieku alley.

The variety of plants in the nursery attached to the art garden was the starting point for Zenta’s daughter Vita Ozerinska’s passion – to work with Latvian plants of power, thus creating the Saules Rasa flower waters. The hydrolats obtained by distillation are popular with people from all over Latvia and also abroad, who have chosen local Latvian plant energy for their daily beauty and health ritual.

Interested groups are invited to enjoy the tasting of the scents of the flower waters of Saules Rasa and a walk in the Zenta Skrastiņa’s garden, learning about the positive effects of plants on human health. It is possible to buy Saules Rasa flower waters on location. Visits are available only on working days and in advance applying is required!

Jaunatnes iela 23, Burtnieki
GPS 57.692484, 25.279318
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