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The manor is the cultural and administrative center of Sēļi parish. The old manor park with a pond and the Island of Love (“Mīlestības saliņa”) encourages us to dream about the life of the manor, which in ancient times was associated not only with economic activity, but also with the cultural life corresponding to the era. The manor hosted concerts and hosted guests. Over time, it has been rebuilt several times, but the special atmosphere of its antiquity remains. In the buildings of the Sēļi Manor complex you can see a historical exposition about Sēļi and the surrounding manors, a unique collection of porcelain figurines, as well as other professional and amateur art exhibitions.

The first information about the manor dates back to 1561. In 1563, King Augustus Zigismund of Poland presented the manor to Kaspar Zyborg von Vislingen, the mayor of Selburg. This is the historical German name of the manor and parish Sehlen.

A previously announced tour with the owner of the manor will help you to get to know the history of the manor better and discover its offer. You can also try your hand at local craftsmen’s leather processing (Benita Audze) and woodworking, carpentry (Uģis Vītoliņš) workshops. Visit to one workshop costs 4 EUR (price includes self-made leather or wood materials).

The manor is especially revived when various events take place here, for example  Muzeju nakts (“Museum nights”), Sēļu muižas Dārza svētki (“Sēļi Manor Garden festival”), Mazie opermūzikas un mākslas svētki (“Little opera and art festival”) and others.

The premises of Sēļi Manor can be rented for conferences, social events, weddings, while romantic wedding ceremonies can be organized on the Island of Love.

Sēļu muiža, Sēļi
GPS 57.8513856, 25.212949
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