The flow of the river Rūja is unhurried, however, the river can come as a surprise from time to time. On the route from Naukšēni to Lake Burtnieks, you can enjoy a smooth ride, listening to the sounds of nature and watching the countryside and the landscapes of the town of Rūjiena, which opens from the shallow banks of the river. During the floods and prolonged rains, the river has a high water level, which allows boating along its entire length, even during the summer.

Free of charge place for leisure: leisure place by the mouth of the river Ķire, Pilsgravas, Rūja school,

Leisure place for additional pay: Dīķeri manor, Ķoņu dzirnavas, guest house Rūjas Nāras

Duration: 1 day

Start of the route: Naukšēni, by the mouth of the river Ķire (GPS 57.886759, 25.471801)

Finish of the route: At the mouth of Ruja in Burtnieku lake

*Route maps HERE

*The listed leisure areas are subject to change.

Naukšēni, pie Ķires ietekas Rūjā
GPS 57.886759, 25.471801
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