Vidusmeži is a home, a brand and a space for creative expressions, where high-quality untamed ceramics with character and added value, provided by the natural wealth of the Salaca river valley, are created. Exploring primitive wood burning and experimenting with different ceramic and glass materials in an electric kiln, the hand-made ceramics depict the tones and patterns of nature, which the integration of local clays and pigments into the ceramic works helps to reveal. Upon visiting the Vidusmeži workshop, ceramist Linda Zelta will introduce you to the world of clay, where you can also participate creatively in the process of creating and exploring ceramics.

Maximum number of participants: 6 (groups of up to 15 people can be hosted at the  Mazsalaca house of crafts)

Duration of the lesson ~ 2 h.

Clay products can be purchased on site.

The visit must be booked in advance!

Vidusmeži, Skaņkalnes pagasts
GPS 57.899213, 24.938406
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