Dauģēni Nature Trail is one of the longest landscaped nature trails in Latvia. Its length in one direction is about 10 km. Here you can enjoy the glorious landscapes of the ancient Salaca valley with red mid-Devonian sandstone outcrops, set-aside meadows and streams, as well as see nature in its silence, peace and pristine

One of the most impressive sandstone outcrops is Dauģēni cliffs with two caves, the longest in Latvia (346 and 159 m), from which springs flow. Only the entrance parts of the cave are easily accessible. The cliffs in all their glory can be easily seen from the created staircase with a well-maintained viewing platform. Walking along the trail, you will also be able to see such sights as the Silmači rock and stone, Salaca ancient valley terraces and floodplains, Dauģēni quarry, Nīkuce stone, Pēce bog and the Ramata bolar forest.

The Dauģēni Nature Trail connects with the Skaņākalns Nature Park Trail, so it is possible to start the hike from the recreation area opposite Skaņākalns Cliff. On the other hand, it can be started near the Ramata estuary in Salaca river (at the leisure place Pūņmutes).

By the leisure place "Puņmutes", Ramata parish
GPS 57.925667, 24.972630
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