Discover Valmiera Region During the “2024 BMX European Cup”!

            In Valmiera region, life pulses with the rhythm of the winding Gauja River, the power of nature energizes you, and a diverse array of cultural events inspire. Explore the top tourist spots and favorite attractions – let Valmiera region surprise you!

What to see and do

  • The new Zilaiskalns viewing platform standing 38.3 meters tall offers stunning views of the Zilaiskalns nature reserve and the surrounding area. Along with the tower, a 3.5 km circular health trail around Zilaiskalns is perfect for walking and Nordic walking. At the base, the Zilaiskalns Cultural History and Visitor Center showcases historical exhibits about the natural site and the Zilaiskalns village. With virtual reality glasses, you can rise above Zilaiskalns and explore the historical narrow-gauge railway locomotive. Riding rail bicycles offers an exciting adventure for both children and adults along a 4 km route from Zilaiskalns village to the peat bog.
  • Museum’s New exhibition de Woldemer takes visitors into the story of ancient Valmiera. The oldest history of the town and castle, the world views of the Valmierians of the past, the might of the Hanseatic merchants and the skills of the craftsmen meet there. Accompanied by a guide or individually, you are welcomed to take a tour of the exhibition. The building of de Woldemer also houses the Valmiera Tourism Information Center, and it is also possible to buy various types of souvenirs with the symbols of Valmiera and Valmiera region.
  • The Park of Senses by the River Gauja Steep Banks is located in one of the most picturesque places in Valmiera on the banks of the river Gauja. Here you can turn a walk in the fresh air along the steep bank of the Gauja, surrounded by pine trees, into a great adventure, enjoying the versatile offer of the park.
  • Valmiera Swimming Pool is a place where you can relax in pools of various sizes, as well as relax in the water recreation area and saunas. The Large swimming pool with 8 swimming lanes is suitable for both adults and children. Visiting the recreation areas of Valmiera Swimming pool will help to relax after a long working day, and it will be a great complement to everyone’s holiday plans!
  • Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery guests will be welcome on a tour of the brewery, so they can witness the leisurely brewing with their own eyes. To enjoy the exquisite interplay of food with the diverse flavors of beer, guests are invited to the Valmiermuiža beer kitchen right next to the brewery. In Valmiermuiža, a horse stable is also waiting for guests, where you can simply visit or go horseback riding.
  • Sietiņiezis is one of the most beautiful rocks in Latvia and the largest white sandstone outcrop in the Baltics.It is about 15m high and 400m long.
  • Fantasy Land Neonija is a unique sight-seeing exhibition that brings you into the world of fantasy. Neon wall patterns preserve a centuries-old love story, clothed in the unusual magic of art and color magic,allowing any visitor to enjoy it.
  • The Wooden Sculpture Park in Beverīna is located 11 km from Valmierawith more than 80 different large-format outdoor games and attractions, 6 labyrinths and more than 370 wooden sculptures.
  • Lake Burtnieks is the fourth largest lake in Latvia, which is 13.5 km long in the western part of North Vidzeme. The Vīsrags Nature Trail and two viewing towers offer opportunities to observe stunning natural landscapes and various bird species.
  • Valmiera St. Simon’s Church is one of the most important monuments of medieval architecture in Latvia, with valuable art monuments. During the working hours of the church, visitors can climb the church tower, where on the way they can see both the church bell and the clock mechanism, as well as the small exhibition hall built into the tower  The viewing area of ​​the tower offers an impressive view of the town and the river Gauja, but if the sky is clear, you can even see the Zilaiskalns hill.
  • Sports and Active Recreation Park Mežs is located near Valmiera center, where people of all ages can enjoy active and safe recreation. The 200 m² area is great for streetball and other activities. The 200 m2 area can be used for streetball gamesand other activities. You can work out in thefitness area, which is equipped with outdoor exercise machines, exercise bars, table tennis and other equipment. On the other hand, for those who are closer to riding a scooter, roller skates, skateboard or bicycle, the 170 m long bicycle track will seem attractive.
  • The Disc golf course Pauku Priedes is located in a beautiful place on the bank of the river Gauja, where 18 basketsare located in an area with meadows and forests, which is suitable for exciting games.
  • Lake Vaidava delights holidaymakers both with beautiful views of nature in all seasons, and with the golden sandy beach on warm summer days. In summer, you can take a boat or SUP board here, which is offered by VaidavEži, taste the refreshing drinks and delicious snacks of Valmiermuižas vasarnīca  summer house or play a game of disc golf at the disc golf course next to the beach. 


  • Restaurant Akustika is located in the old Valmiera post and telegraph building, which is one of the grandest buildings in the town that has survived to the present day. The core of the restaurant is made up of friends who, combining their experience and professional knowledge gained over the years, have created a heartfelt place to enjoy family, tastes from all around the world and musical performances. Akustika is a modern, cozy and family-friendly restaurant,also included in the prestigious MICHELIN GUIDE in 2023.
  • The restaurant Rātes vārti is located in the heart of Valmiera, it is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors to enjoy exquisite dishes and refreshing drinks. The menu is characterized by seasonality with an emphasis on local products, which allows to get to know the rich nuances of the region.
  • The family pizzeria Vīnkalni is located in the heart of the old town of Valmiera, in a house with a historical aura. Here you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, family hospitality, wood-fired Italian pizzas and more.
  • The cafe Ahh-meat is located on the central street of Valmiera, where you will get into the world of Turkish flavors by tasting the variety of food and drinks.
  • The cafe Tērbata is located in the center of Valmiera, a few steps from the promenade of lake Dzirnavu. There is a relaxed atmosphere, full of energy and passion for what the team does. Here you can enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks and celebrate the beautiful moments of life.
  • The cafe Jautrais ledus is located next to the Jāņparks, 1 km away from the town center. You can buy delicious ice creams and bubble teasfor every taste to enjoy on the spot or to take away. Also in the offering are Korean snacks – corn dogs, Asian snacks and drinks.
  • SALT’N PEPPER is located in the quiet part of the town’s center, offering a special concept product – smashburgers or flattened burgers.

Learn more about accommodations, dining options, and what to experience in Valmiera and the region here.

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